Sunday, 10 February 2013

(Acting) Review: INCARCERATOR, Revolt

Fri 8th Feb, Opening Night
(Free bubbles, bring it on!)

I spent three years of my life at the Ballarat Arts Academy. When I go to see fellow graduates perform it is always such a relief when they are GOOD. ‘Thank God,’ I say to myself, ‘Those hours of humming, dancing to drums and rolling on the floor totally paid off for these guys, hopefully the same applies to me’.
The entire cast and crew of Incarcerator met and studied in Ballarat and have created a well meshed ensemble. The high energy of Zachary Ruane, Martin Van De Wouw and Illiana Contos was pleasingly met and subdued by the more sombre tones of Andrew Davies, Alyson Gale and Broden Kelly.
I love to discover a writer I have never heard of before. Even more exciting is discovering a writer through the eyes of someone who harbours a love for them and is passionate to introduce the world to their work. Isabelle Clara Mason spoke of her admiration for Betts in her program notes and this esteem shines through.
Betts' language is detailed and very stylised. (‘Oh, I didn’t know this was Shakespeare!’, said a lady next to me.) Obviously the actors had worked very hard to get their tongues and minds around the words. I heard and understood everything.
Rounding off the successful elements of the production was Tom Armstrong’s lovely sound design which effectively set the era, mood and energy as well as showcasing some beautiful music in it's own right.
Incarcerator was fun, edgy, a great night out at the theatre.
And no spoilers, but I love Easy Rider for a reason.

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  1. Thanks for the deliciously kind words Kelly. Look forward to speaking with you soon! Blessings!