Wednesday, 6 November 2013

(Library) "Oh my God, it's my turn to pick a book for Book Club..."

Something quick (AGH, Book Club is next week and I haven’t read the book yet!)
Walks with menAnn Beattie
What’s in it? – New York, older men, sexcapades.

Something about L.O.V.E
One DayDavid Nicolls
What’s in it? – 1960s London, a bad Mexican restaurant, having friend's who you don't really like.

Something a bit Old School (Which you pretend to have already read at dinner parties). (Also, because these are old, you can read them for free! Free stuff is cool!)
Cranford - Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
What's in it? -  Small towns, railways, cows wearing pyjamas.
The Forsyte SagaJohn Galsworthy
What's in it? - Society, Love, Family, War.

Something with a bit of history is it
Remarkable Creatures – Tracy Chevalier
What's in it? - Fossils, ye olde days, independent women.
The ReaderBernhard Schlink
What’s in it? – Berlin, WW2, sex with minors.

Something Non-Fiction but unput-downable
Eating AnimalsJohnathan Safran Foer
What's in it? - Ethical eating, factory farming, environmental issues.

Something Non- Fictiony about Religion
The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ – Philip Pullman
What’s in it?- The Bible as a novel.

Something a little bit quirky
Everything is IlluminatedJohnathan Safran Foer
Subjects: War, the Ukraine, a deranged seeing-eye bitch.
The Wild ThingsDavid Eggers
What’s in it? – An adult imagining of ‘Where the Wild Things are’ by Maurice Sendak.

Something a bit short storyish/essayish  and hilarious
When you are engulfed in flames David Sedaris
What’s in it? – France, America, Family, Baby Skeletons.
Get Well Soon! My (Un)Brilliant Career as a Nurse -Kristy Chambers 
What’s in it? – Nursing, gross, gross bodily fluids.

Something a bit mumsie
What’s in it? Guernsey, books, pie.

Something for gals AND guys
Gold- Chris Cleave
What’s in it?- The Olympics, friends as rivals, heart shattering tragedy.

Something about Family
Two LivesVikram SethWhat’s in it?-  India/England/Germany, Dentistry
Her Father’s DaughterAlice PungWhat’s in it?- Growing up Asian in Australia, Writing, Cambodia

Something Autobiographical
Unbearable LightnessPortia De RossiWhat’s in it?- Eating Disorders, acting, Ellen Degeneres.
Julie and JuliaJulia PowellWhat’s in it?- France, Cooking, Lobsters loose in the kitchen.

Something about The Issues (but not too much of a downer)
And The Mountains EchoedKhaled HosseiniWhat’s in it?- Afghanistan/France, war, family.
IncendiaryChris Cleave
What’s in it? – Terroism, London, Mother-Son relationships.

Something about The Issues (that’s still funny and heartwarming)
The Happiest Refuge- Ahn DoWhat’s in it?- Refugees, growing up Asian in Australia, Vietnam.
How to be a Woman Caitlin MoranWhat’s in it?-  Feminism, England, Leopard Print as a neutral.
GaysiaBenjamin LawWhat’s in it?-  Gay rights and behaviour in Asia.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly CloseJohnathan Safran FoerWhat’s in it?-  9/11, autism, keys.
Little Bee (The Other Hand)Chris Cleave
What’s in it?- Asylum seekers, England, adoption.

Something about travel
Mr Snack and the Lady Water -  Brendan Shanahan
What’s in it?-  Travel horror stories, something to read whilst you're waiting for the next Benjamin Law release.

Something a bit fantasy
The Ocean at the End of the LaneNeil GaimanWhat’s in it?-  Childhood, Crones, Wind Monsters.

Something True Crime
Mississippi Burning - John Safran
What's in it? - True Crime for those who don't like/read True Crime. White Supremacists, Segregation, Murder.

Something Local
The Rosie Project - Graeme SimsionWhat’s in it?- Autism, love, formulas.
The Convent - Maureen McCarthyWhat’s in it?- The Abbotsford Convent, accidental pregnancy, baristas.

Something that makes you remember what it was like to be young(er)
How is feelsBrendan Cowell
What’s in it? – Drama School, Partying, Sydney.
Various Positions- Martha Scabas
What’s in it? – Ballet School, parent’s dropping you off to dance class, affairs with older men.
Why We Broke Up – Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket shh)
What’s in it – “Oh my god, I remember feeling that way moments”.

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