Sunday, 13 April 2014

(Theatre) MICF

There are 7 days left of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. So here's 7 shows I loved that you can love too!

1. Steen Raskopoulos - I'm wearing two suits because I mean business.
I was in love with this show from the title alone. Then along came a beep test related skit and I lost     my shit.

2. Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall - Success Arms
 A Canadian guy from Brunswick, super likable, super funny and super relevant to my life (if I was 30, male and lived in Brunswick).

3. Dr. Proffessor Neal Portenza - Performs his own autopsy live on stage (one night only obviously)
Whenever I see this guy I spend 50 minutes teetering on the precipice between bliss and pure terror. Really insane, really clever, I really sat next to Alex Dyson (and his date). The one lesson I learnt from this fest is I love clowning. 

Hence... 4. The Boy with Tape on his face - More Tape
This came highly recommended and with good cause, a show which genuinely appealed to everyone. Nice mix of humour, pathos and high skill at audience participation (which I greatly admire after 2 men in a row have out-played me in my show).

5. Lessons with Luis - By Myself
Some viewers have been shocked by the level of sadness in this show but I adored it. If we just laughed all the time we'd never want to listen Leonard Cohen and what a sad world that would be. Clever comedy/theatre throws you from one extreme to another which Luis and Luelin acheived with great skill.

6. Adam Richards - Gaypocalpse
One of these comedians I like is not like the others. I've had a soft spot for Adam Richards since listening to the Top 40 countdown every Sunday night in Grade 6. Even when he bombed for 20 minutes last year at the Speigal Tent I cheered him on. This show is surprisingly sincere and sophisticated. A bit too much Lesbian-hating for my liking but ah well.

7. Trygve Wakenshaw - Kraken
The first 5 minutes of this show were pure brilliance, finally I know what the identical pairs of tiny black underpants hanging up in the Tuxedo Cat dressing room are all about. Slick, talented, a little bit creepy and a great moustache.

And of course my show, Permanent Part-time Irregular Hours on 6pm nightly (no Weds) at the Tuxedo Cat.

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