Tuesday, 2 April 2013

(Acting) MICF Week 1 Roundup

Although comedy doesn't necessarily fall into any of the 'Threat' categories my acting skills are at work during my cabaret 'Twinkle Twinkle: the Confessions of a Child-Hating Children's Librarian' which is currently showing as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (www.trybooking.com/chft).
With that reasoning, here's my thoughts on the shows I saw in week 1.

Lawrence Leung's Part-Time Detective Agency: Lawrence is super cute and super hilarious. As are his parents who feature in this show. Sherlock Holmes, awkward revelations and punctuation all feature, guaranteeing a successful comedy show in my mind. 

David Quirk Shaking Hands with Danger: I loved how David discussed his downfallings in such an open, truthful way. Most people who cheat on their girlfriends keep quiet, defend themselves or deny it. David does none of these. Plus he wrote a comedy show about it. To quote Jessica Phillips (EMA) 'It was really good. There weren't many jokes and at the end it was a bit depressing'. 

Jon Bennett Fire in the Meth Lab: (Disclosure: I know Jon. He is funny.) Jon is an engaging storyteller. His show is original, funny and amazingly, true. Lovely use of set and Jason Donovan material.

Charlie Ranger and Nicholas Waxman A Sunburnt History: (Disclosure: I know Charlie and Nick. They are funny.) In this show Charlie and Nick display their well honed skills in accent, slapstick and quick costume change. Great pace, lots of quirky jokes AND educational.


  1. These are all positive reviews...

    I would just like to attest to the fact that Kelly Ryan is a highly intelligent and discerning young lady and it just so happens that those are all very good shows.

  2. Also may I add:

    Kelly Rose Ryan, 'Twinkle Twinkle, Confessions of a Child-Hating Children's Librarian' (Disclosure: I know Kelly. She hates children.) (And is funny) This show involves glitter, cabaret and insane hair. Hilarious re-enactments of the stupid things children do and the use of song to express frustration make for a delightful snippet of of any evening (of next week).