Sunday, 14 April 2013

(Acting) MICF Weeks 2 & 3 Roundup

Ali McGregor's Late-Nite Variety-Nite Night: When Ali McGregor sings she makes me want to dig a hole, curl up in it and never perform again. She is just so damn good I feel there is no point even trying anymore. But then eventually I climb out of my hole of despair, turn on my keyboard and keep practicing my scales.
I could go the Ali's Nite Nite Night every Night. She is sensational, her guests vary from insanely talented to hilarious and the house red at the Spiegeltent is quite good.

This is Siberian Husky The Misery Factory: This is the best show I have seen these boys do. In addition to neat physical work and hilarious sketches the premise of this show gave it a whole other level of quality. The Misery Factory made me laugh hysterically whilst simultaneously wanting to sob about the misfortune of strangers. Also jokes about OH&S always please me.

Daniel Oldaker Dandyman: Daniel Oldaker delivers some of the best clowning and physical comedy that I have ever seen. I have never been sexually attracted to a juggler before but Dandyman changed that. His costume is lovely, on and off.

Hannah Gadsby Happiness Is A Bedside Table: I don't like women comics and I don't like self-deprecating comedy where the comic mocks their own weight, but I love Hannah Gadsby. She manages to make us laugh at her incredibly embarrassing, depressing stories whilst still feeling a glimmer of happiness.

Josh Thomas Douchebag: I love Josh Thomas. When he started following me on Instagram was one of the highlights of my online life. But perhaps miss this show. Wait until he's calmed down from the work he poured into 'Please Like Me' and has time left over to write a stand-up show. And join me in praying he doesn't click on any links on my facebook page (because we are friends!) which lead him to this review.

Sam Simmons Shitty Trivia: 'Mysterious shoe, mysterious shoe...'. Last night I wore a Ralph Lauren Cashmere sweater over a pinstripe shirt handmade in the 30s. I sat next to 3 boys wearing a combination of Beer Bintang shirts and flannelette drinking VB. Sam Simmons has the unusual ability to make these two polar opposite demographics cack ourselves laughing and knock over our stubbies/wine glass. Great use of slideshow.

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